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Cardiovascular (Heart) disease is recorded as the No. 1 killer in many countries (e.g. the US, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, UK, Spain, Germany, Russia, India and Australia) and remains within the top 3 causes of death in many other countries (e.g. China, Kenya, Japan and France). WHO states that cardiovascular diseases are “the number 1 cause of death globally”.

An established risk factor for the development of heart disease is high blood cholesterol concentration and in particular high concentration of Low Density Lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-cholesterol). There is compelling scientific evidence that lowering blood LDL-cholesterol lowers the risk for developing coronary heart disease. It is also well accepted that diet and lifestyle changes should always be the primary interventions to help lowering LDL cholesterol and thus the risk for heart disease.

Plant sterols and plant stanols are bioactive components in plants with similar functions as that of cholesterol in mammals. A regular daily consumption of 1,5 – 3g of plant sterols / plant stanols has been proven scientifically to lower blood LDL-cholesterol by an average of 7-12,5%, thus significantly contributing to lowering the risk of heart disease. Plant sterols and plant stanols are abundant in nature and in daily diets, however to attain the intake levels that efficiently lower LDL-cholesterol we need them in concentrated form in foods with added plant sterols or stanols.

Healthy lifestyle modifications, i.e. permanent changes in diet and physical activity, are not easy to make instantly. Including functional foods with added plant sterols or stanols to a daily diet is easy and we believe that it can even encourage to other gradual changes towards a healthier lifestyle. However, public awareness of the role of plant sterols and plant stanols and their contribution to healthy living is still limited.

In IPSSA, the leading international companies are working together to educate the public about the benefits of integrating plant sterols / plant stanols in the daily diet and to foster the implementation of healthy diet and lifestyle choices to reduce blood LDL-cholesterol. We are thus convinced that we can actively contribute to lowering the risk of heart disease and to healthy living for all.

We believe that a healthy lifestyle is a choice for consumers that enables them to live longer and healthier lives by reducing the risk of heart disease and plant sterols and plant stanols can contribute in a crucial way. It is our purpose to educate the public accordingly and to ensure that consumers realize this very significant choice that is available to them.

  • We educate the media and the public about the threat of heart disease and the efficacy of healthy living in reducing the risk for developing heart disease. We also demonstrate in a clear and concise manner how plant sterols and plant stanols have been scientifically proven to lower LDL-cholesterol blood levels
  • We inform policymakers about the safety of plant sterols and plant stanols in their daily consumption and their efficacy in reducing LDL-cholesterol and contributing thus to reducing the risk for heart disease